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Whether you're a natural gas producer struggling with low commodity prices or you're a cryptocurrency miner struggling with high electricity prices, midstream's got you covered.

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midstream is a natural gas producer, and instead of selling our gas, we use it to fuel generators which in turn power our cryptocurrency mining machines.  Through this strategy, we are able to extract 10x more value from our natural gas.

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Big Rig

Turn-key crypto mining data array and generator tailored for natural gas producers.

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<$0.03 kWh

We provide mining companies with the most affordable energy and co-location solution to help you extend both margins and ASIC lifecycle.

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Mining Simplified

Turn-Key Mining and Generation

Big Rig is tailored for natural gas producers who want to dip their toes into mining powered by their own gas.  This 300kW mining array comes with our white-glove managed services for as long as you have the gas running.  All you need is a single point with just 90mcfpd.


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Experienced Producers

Our Founder is 3rd generation oil & gas.  #GasToCrypto was developed through trial and error

White-Glove Support

There many disciplines required to excel in gas generation-to-crypto.  Our aim is to pave a smooth path to greater profitability. 


We believe that providing the same intel to our clients is a key to building strong partnerships.

Tailored Solutions

This isn't a one-size-fits all game.  Every producer and every miner have different needs, and we have the expertise to deliver them.