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the midstream team has deep experience across multiple disciplines to help you excel at mining cryptocurrency whether your aim is to extend the profitable life of your ASICs or simply reduce the carbon footprint of your operation.

who we are

cautious and optimistic

 Blockchain has a lot of potential to help bring natural resource extraction into the 21st century when deployed correctly.  R&D can be expensive and not necessarily affordable for E&P companies.  On the other hand, oil and gas is a deep subject in itself - too deep for crypto enthusiasts to go it alone.  Marrying these two seemingly discordant industries is where our combined expertise shines.

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kendrick kirk

chief executive officer

With 20 years of experience in trading, investment management, and entrepreneurship, Kendrick was brought onboard after his fund lead the seed round in what is now midstream in the fall of 2020.  



marshall holbrook

chief operating officer

Marshall is 3rd generation oil&gas and he was one of the first (if not THE first) person to mine cryptocurrency in the US.


karl bodker

chief technology officer

Karl is the quintessential Bitcoin enthusiast.  His depth of knowledge of the network and automation is a key factor in midstream's scalability. 



Craig Irvine Headshot

craig irvine

chief financial officer

Maxim Park

project manager

how we work

decentralized but united

We are a tight-knit team, each of us providing our unique insight to every project.  When you reach out to us, whether it be via the website, social media, phone, or smoke signal, you can be sure that a real human will be on the other end.  Heck, see that little chat icon in the lower right?  Go ahead, click it.

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Big Rig Gas To Crypto

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